How to Remodeling your bathroom faucet ?

Remodeling your china bathroom faucet manufacturer? There are a host of little luxuries you can incorporate to enjoy your daily trips to the toilet. While cabinets, fixtures and faucets are some, Bath tubs are the last word in luxury. Nothing beats getting to unwind in a tub of warm water and bubbles after a tough day from your stressful life. Use these renovation tips to bring a little bit of magic and a whole lot of functionality to your bathroom!

Pick out Classy Fixtures

Fixtures are underrated, so if you want your bath to ooze style, then opting for classy bathroom vanities is a must. You will be surprised by the difference in design you can experience by simply choosing a better brand. Select your basin with care and look at several options for faucets before you decide on the perfect ones. It may take a moment, but it will certainly be worth your while.

Try Before you Buy

One unique tip that you will find useful is to go ahead and try your tub before you buy it. Wondering how this is possible? Well, you need to make sure that it is comfortable for you as well as most of your family, so when you like a tub, hop in and see how it feels to park yourself in it. This is primarily because it is easy to get swayed with a stellar design and pretty make of a tub, but you will regret the purchase if it isn’t very comfortable for you to bathe in.

Refrain from bringing home tubs for two, for although alluring, they are highly impractical and take away from the cozy bath experience.

Choosing Designer Tubs

Latest advancements have brought out a shoe tub that is graced with a stiletto design. Crafted to embody luxury, you can revel in your bath experience Hollywood style whenever you care to take a dip in this fabulous tub.

Say No to a Plain Mirror

Choosing a no-frills mirror will be in poor taste, when you can bring home a majestic mirror with a stunning design. Why not act out the famous lines “Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who is the fairest of them all?” Elect a wall-mounted frame that has an artsy design. You can even opt for ornate mirrors that are beautifully lit to emanate a Victorian vibe.

Bathroom design has evolved to a stage where it allows you to completely reinvent conventional toilets, so grab the opportunity to install a stunning bath.

The Art of Choosing a Bathroom Faucet

Give your bathroom a quick facelift with a beautiful new faucet. Not only can a faucet spice up a bland space, it can also improve the way you use the bathroom. Smart features such as touch-activation and built-in water-filtration make everyday washing tasks a breeze. china bathroom faucet supplier

Before settling on the right faucet, you’ll need to comb through the various mount types, spout styles, and finishes available to you. Here’re the steps you can take to select the perfect faucet for your bathroom:

Step 1: Count the Number of Holes in Your Sink or Bathtub

If you’re replacing a faucet, you’ll need to select one that fits into the existing bathtub space or sink. Check the deck in which the faucet will be installed: are there 3 holes, 2 holes or 1 hole? The type of faucet that’ll fit into the deck depends on the number of these holes and how far apart they’re spaced.  1-hole decks typically require a single-handle faucet, while 3-hole decks can hold a variety of faucet types.

For those who are installing a faucet in a new sink or bathtub with undrilled holes, you don’t have to worry about choosing a faucet that corresponds to holes in the deck—they’ll be drilled in for you upon installation.

Step 2: Choose Your Faucet Mount Type

Widespread faucets

Requirements: 3-hole decks with 8” spreads

This mount type consists of 3 components: 2 separate hot and cold handles and 1 spout. Each handle is spaced 4” apart from the spout.

Center-set faucets

Requirements:  3- and 2-hole decks with 4” spreads, or 1-hole decks

These faucets combine the handles and spout into one unit, creating a seamless look. Each handle is spaced 2” apart from the spout.

Single-handle faucets

Requirements: 1- or 3-hole decks

As the name suggests, single-handle faucets consist of 1 handle and 1 spout. The handle may be mounted on the top or the side of the spout. This type of faucet is a good choice for easy gripping.

Wall-mount faucets

Requirements: 3-hole decks that are mounted on the wall

This stylish faucet is mounted on the wall. You’ll be able to clean your bathtub or sink more easily with this type of faucet.

Step 3: Decide on Your Spout Style

High-arc spouts

A high-arc spout can range anywhere from 5” to 11+” in height. Its elegant, swanlike curves add beauty and sophistication to your bathroom. The increased work room is also an attractive feature.

Low-arc spouts

This solid, timeless spout typically measures 3” to 5” in height. If you prefer a spout with less of a splash zone, this may be a good option.

Step 4: Pick Your Handle Style


Found in single- or double-handle options, lever handles consist of long, slim metal bars, usually at 90-degree angles.

Cross handle

This type of handle is shaped like an “X” and is typically made of porcelain or metal. It’s most likely to be found on a double-handle faucet.


While lengthy and thin like lever handles, blade handles differ in their curved edges, giving a “winged” appearance.


Typically found in traditional-style bathrooms, knob handles are clear and often cylindrical (though they are available in spherical and teardrop shapes as well).

Step 5: Select Your Faucet Finish

Turn your faucet into the jewel of your bathroom with a gorgeous finish. From shiny to matte, bronze to chrome and everything in-between, faucet finishes come in a wide variety of options. Here’s a general overview of common finishes:

  • Chrome—a shiny, silver finish
  • Brushed nickel—a soft, warm gray
  • Oil-rubbed bronze—a dark brown, antique look
  • Brushed gold—a smooth gold color
  • Brushed bronze—a neutral, velvety bronze
  • Polished brass—a glossy, luxurious brass
  • White—a contemporary, crisp color
  • Black—a matte iron-black

Step 6: Consider Your Special Features

Now that you’ve chosen the basics of your faucet, it’s time to think about any convenient features you’d like to add. Aiming to save time, preserve the environment or make your faucet more accessible? Look for faucets with the following features:


For an easy grip, choose a faucet that requires low physical effort to operate. Faucet features that fit the bill include:

  • Touch activation
  • Top-mounted single handles
  • Lever handles
  • Cross handles
  • Blade handles
Touch-activated faucets

Do your family members leave the faucet running?  Prevent wasted water with touch-activated faucets. This type of faucet automatically detects when your hands are nearby, so it only runs when you need it. Look for faucets that allow you to turn touch-activation on and off for added convenience.

Water filtration

Never doubt your tap water again with a water filter. A filter can be installed under the sink or on your faucet for improved water purity. You can remove contaminants such as calcium, magnesium, chlorine, and carbon for fresh, clean drinking water.

Water-efficient faucets

Do your part for the planet (and save on those water bills!) with a water-efficient faucet. Available in many design options, water-conserving faucets are a stylish way to reduce water use in your bathroom. WaterSense-labeled faucets utilize a maximum flow of 1.5 gallons per minute, versus the standard 2.2 gallons per minute.

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